KuDoFa Launch Countdown KUDOFA

With being a part of such an early Chain like KuCoin that is seeing rapid user adoption, projects like KuDogeFather will nearly be guaranteed to see enormous use and high volume.

Launch on KoffeeSwap


Launch Data and Time

Launch at 3pm UTC on July 13th

Anti-bot measures

0.5% of total supply maximum transaction limit

Locked Liquidity

Liquidity is LOCKED for 3 MONTHS

Anti Rug & Dump



Slippage set for 9-14%

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Allocation and Tokenomics TOKENOMICS

More and more people are joining the KCC Chain and aping into projects everyday. Projects are launching at a higher volume, and safe projects will be harder to come by.

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 $KuDoFa
DxSale: 88%
Burn: 12%

Only 9% total tax

4% Liquidity Pool Tax
2% Burn Tax
3% Marketing Tax


Design and Development

KuDogeFather creates his inner circle


KuDogeFather earns the respect of his many loyal followers

Marketing Campaign

KuDogeFather builds a massive shilling army to do his bidding

Koffee Swap Launch

KuDogeFather opens the floodgates of his empire to the public

Telegram members 1000

KuDogeFather will announce a surprise to celebreate this momentous occasion

More Marketing Campaign

KuDogeFather will pay off people to promote his empire

Telegram members 5000

KuDogeFather will set-up a meeting with Don Vito Kurleone

Obtain a stable coin

KuDogeFather requires stability in his empire in order to fulfill his plan

Build utility platform

KuDogeFather will create the capability to maintain peace and punish those who are out to scam

KuCoin Listing

KuDogeFather will retire in Sicily as he watches his empire get listed on the exchange

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